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Haunch of Venison advert (Spin work)www.spin.co.uk
FHK Henrion (Spin work / Unit Editions)www.spin.co.uk
La Manufacture Cogolin identity (Spin work)www.spin.co.uk
Proa Espacio Contemporaneo (Spin work)www.spin.co.uk
Delfina Foundation compliments slip (Spin work)www.spin.co.uk
Message and Means – Muriel Cooper at MIT poster (Collection, Tony)www.spin.co.uk
Coffee tamper (Spin Inventory)www.spin.co.uk
Old Spin identity (Spin Work)www.spin.co.uk
Bruno Monguzzi – A designers Perspective / Deiter Rot – 10 / Cunische Constructies van Slothouber en Graatsma / See Saw (Collection, Tony)www.spin.co.uk
Josef Müller-Brockmann – de Bijenkorf bag (Collection, Tony)www.spin.co.uk